Cookies for Ken

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The campaign begins.....................

with a simple little cookie and a very determined friend.

***** Hello my friends...........
Ken was diagnosed October 2010 with leukemia. He underwent chemo for several months and went into remission! After having a wonderful 14 months of remission... we were told after a routine bone marrow biopsy that the leukemia had returned. Ken is currently in the hospital fighting again. He's a strong man and with his deep belief.... Knows God has a plan in all this!

As we enter this next round in the fight... we were told Ken's best chance for cure was a bone marrow transplant. With the costs of the hospital time last year... now this stay ... and a much longer stay as soon as remission is reached for the transplant... the medical bills are rising much faster than we can pay them. We knew we weren't going to be able to do this one on our own.
So.......... a very dear friend hopped right in to help find a way to fundraise for Ken.
This is where "Cookies for Ken" was born.
It started out small... but grew to much more than we expected... which we're so grateful to see.
We've decided to reach out as much as we can with the Cookies in hopes to bring in more funds for Ken's transplant... and really bring more awareness to Leukemia.******

Cookies for Ken.............
for every $10 you donate ... you will receive a hand made, from scratch, individually decorated and wrapped 'melted snowman cookie' as a Thank you gift.
Please make sure your address is current and with your donation. Thanks! :)

Thank you for stopping in....
Thank you for any and all donations.....
Thank you for your love and prayers!
God Bless,
.::Tam::. (Ken's wife)

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